Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Build Your Winter Wonderland in Your Closet

As the cold temperatures roll in, you may look through your closet and wonder what you need. If you like to stay up to date on the latest fashion trends, then you know that things are constantly changing. You’ll be excited to know that this year includes classic styles and comebacks from other decades. But an infusion of new items is always helpful, and if you live at Muirwood Village, our apartments for rent in Reynoldsburg are conveniently located near top local shopping destinations. Need a guide for what to buy? Check out our top tips for your winter wardrobe refresh! 

#1: Back to Business

Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with a classic, and that is what this trend is all about. You’ll see plenty of styles and shapes that hearken to the corporate conference room. Think pinstripes, button-downs, and blazers. However, don’t wear it in a basic, boring way. This trend is about subverting the office look with some unexpected twists. Try a blazer with jeans and sneakers or a button-down with a maxi skirt and chunky combat boots. 

#2: Big and Baggy

If you like to stay comfortable, then you’ll love this trend. Skip out on the skinny jeans and go for baggy pants with a nice, wide leg. You can also have some extra fun with plenty of pockets because cargo pants are here to stay. They made an appearance over the summer and heading into the fall, and you can still enjoy that extra storage for the little things. You can also combine this trend with the first trend. A wide-legged pair of business pants with a pinstripe will look extra chic. 

#3: Touchable Textures

Real talk: one of the best parts of winter clothing is the cozy layering. This season has embraced that with rich, touchable textures. You can opt for velvet or chunky knits. Another popular texture this winter is leather. You can go for the real deal, but many brands are investing in vegan leather options. Whatever direction you take, just make sure you enjoy the texture you choose. 

#4: Seeing Red

One of the fastest ways to give your wardrobe an infusion of “new” is by wearing the season’s hottest color. This year, it’s all about bright, popping red! And don’t shy away from using this color as much as possible. Think head to toe in solid red. If that doesn’t quite fit your style, then make it a bold pop with your accessories. It’s a great color to introduce with a scarf, necklace, or statement shoe. 

#5: Distinct Denim

Denim in general has been on the rise for the past few seasons, including mixed denims. This winter, you can look the most on-trend with chic, dark denim. Of course, you can still wear the light wash styles, but a sleek pair of deep indigo jeans will be a welcome addition to your closet. It will also work well with tip #1 and tip #2. Go for a baggy pair of dark jeans with a subtle pinstripe for maximum effect. 

#6: Statement Cover

In winter, you have to be practical, especially if you live somewhere like Reynoldsburg, Ohio where the weather can get pretty chilly. That means you’ll want to invest in a quality coat to keep you warm. Instead of reaching for the typical puffer, this year is all about bold colors, silhouettes, and other features. Try something like a long coat in a dark floral with oversized buttons or a long red puffer with a funky shoulder shape. Fashion and function can live together when you try this trend. 

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