Get Your Apartment Ready for Cold Weather

Stay Cozy and Warm as the Temperature Drops

One of the advantages of apartment living is that when winter arrives, you don’t need to worry about snow removal or weatherproofing. You might want to do a few things to prepare, though. Take a look at these tips for cold-weather readiness.

Winterproof Your Patio

Having a private patio is a real treat during the warmer months, and tidying up before winter will reduce the time you spend cleaning up once warmer weather returns. 

Winter weather can be hard on patio furniture, so if possible, store your table and chairs in your private garage, or protect furniture with weatherproof covers. If you have any potting soil or gardening tools on your patio, put those away for the season, and bring your plants inside. Then thoroughly sweep your patio to remove any dirt or debris.

Keep the Elements Outside

As much as you might like to stay snuggled up indoors all winter long, you’ll need to leave your apartment eventually. Keep your floors clean – set a doormat inside your door to catch any ice melt, slush, and grime. And if you have a dog, keep a thick towel by the front door, so you can wipe their paws when you return from a walk. 

Save on Energy Costs

Keeping warm during the coldest months of the year is important, and you can do that without spending a fortune on utilities. Try these tips to reduce your heating costs:

  • Set ceiling fans to run clockwise to draw up cool air and push warm air down into your living space.

  • Open blinds for windows that get direct sunlight during the day, so you benefit from a “greenhouse” effect, but close blinds on any windows that don’t get as much sun during the day and all windows at night. The extra insulating effect from the blinds will help keep warm air in.

A Warm and Welcoming Home! 

Muirwood Village’s grounds, with mature trees and landscaping, offer the perfect backdrop for winter snow. Admire the scenery from the comfort of your warm apartment, and when it’s time to leave, retrieve your car from your garage (no snow removal required!). Move into your home before winter. Contact us now at (614) 503-4076.

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